Members of staff


Dr. Manfred Roth

Dr. Manfred Roth,

Biologist MSc, Head Research & Development, Head Production,  Certified Expert  according to German Drug Law AMG

Harald Th. Galatis

Dr. Dipl. Ing. Harald Th. Galatis,

MSc agr., Managing Director, Head Engineering Department

Petra Schmidt

Petra Schmidt

Customer Service, Controlling, Purchase Order Processing, Complaint management, Head of administration


Andreas Neumann

Andreas Neumann

Customer Service, Purchase Order Processing, Seminar organization


Dr. Detlev Koeppen

Dr. Detlev Koeppen,

Psychologist MSc, Consultant Research & Development

Linda Bisping M. Sc. Linda Bisping,
Management assistant
Prof. Dr. Jörg Graf

Prof. Dr. Jörg Graf,

Consultant leech microbiology

Prof. Dr. Peter Kämpfer

Prof. Dr. Dr. Ing. Peter Kämpfer,

Consultant leech microbiology

Prof. Isolda Baskova

Prof. Isolda Baskova,

Consultant Saliva Ingredients

Dr. Mirjam Lang Dr. Mirjam Lang, Veterinarian, Head of production
Dr. Michael Lierz Prof. Dr. Michael Lierz, Consultant aquatic systems and diseases Petra Flecken

Petra Flecken

Lecturer and consultant on leech therapy

Dr. Stefanie Glaeser Dr. Stefanie Glaeser, Consultant leech microbiology Elena Tänzler

Elena Ruppel,

Customer Service, Controlling, Purchase Order Processing

Christine Becker

Christine Becker, Customer Service,

Purchase Order Processing

 Christin Hartmann

Christin Hartmann, Customer Service, Controlling