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Manufacturing authorisation for ingredients of animal origin (leeches), human and veterinary medicinal products according to Art. 40 and Art. 111 (1) of Directive 2001/83/EC transposed in the following national legislation: Sect. 13 para 1 German Drug Law (Arzneimittelgesetz AMG)  Terms & Conditions


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 Legal Liability when Purchasing Leeches for Therapeutic Use in Patients

Occasionally, our clients are approached by leech suppliers without legal producer authorisation, not permitted to place medicinal leeches as pharmaceutical products on the market. The legal position of the purchase of leeches is as follows:

Leeches per se dispensed by the distributor are not considered as pharmaceutical products. However, as soon as the leeches are used for therapeutic purposes, they have the legal status of pharmaceutical products. In this case, the complete legal liability is with the therapist, i.e. any risks of possible adverse reactions are now with the therapist. These "medicinal leeches" of the above mentioned suppliers are not pharmaceutical products. Consequently, these suppliers do not have to comply with any standard of quality or safety.

In case of ordering leeches from these suppliers, we strongly recommend to ask for a written certificate of legal authorisation for the distribution as pharmaceutical product. Before ordering,m you should make sure that you obtain the valid certificate number of the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) authorisation by the Health Authority in charge.

With the supply of medicinal leeches holding a valid legal authorisation, the Package Insert has to be enclosed. If the Package Insert is missing, the leeches cannot be regarded as legal pharmaceutical products. The physician or alternative practitioner is the responsible person for treating the patient according to the proper legal requirements. This responsibility also covers the compliance with the statutory basis of the pharmaceutical product.